Absolute Beginners Jewelry Kit


An exciting announcement today, we have just launched Absolute Beginner's Jewelry Making Kits! We're so excited to now be able to offer these to you as they are the perfect accompaniment for the Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners course. Each kit contains the components to make earrings, single strand necklaces and memory wire bracelets as well as a fab selection of colorful beads and all the tools you need to make your own beautiful pieces of jewelery.

These kits have been designed by our lovely founder (and we're not just saying that!) Jessica Rose who has inspired countless jewelers to make and get creative from her London Jewelry School. She believes that there is a jewelry maker in all of us just waiting to get out and now with these kits, which ship globally, everyone can join in.


Absolute Beginners Jewelry kits are available here.