DIY : Beaded Cuff Bracelet


For this Months Jewelry From Home tutorials we're diving into our jewelry making kits and showing you all how to make your fab pieces of jewelry. Today we've gone for these beautiful jewel colored memory wire bracelets. They are really simple to make and all materials and tools are included in the kits which means you can making as soon as the postman arrives. All the steps are below.


 Step 1. Sort your supplies - for this tutorial we used the memory wire, blue pearl beads, turquoise roundels and mix of the statement beads.


Step 2. Cut the memory wire with the wire cutters, we cut two complete loops but you could cut two and a half if you wanted a fuller bracelet. Decide on the design of the statement beads we decided on a pink and blue mix and then a purple and turquoise mix.


Step 3. Thread your statement beads onto the memory wire so that they are in the centre. Then add the smaller beads either side. When you get to about 1.2cm from the end of the wire make a loop to hold all the beads in place - if you haven't already then check out our FREE(!) Jewelry Making For Absolute Beginners class where Jessica will show you how to make loops.


Jewelry_From_Home_Memory_Wire_Bracelet Jewelry_From_Home_Beaded_Cuff_TutorialWe hope you give this tutorial a try it's really simple and perfect if you are just getting the wonderful world of jewelry making. Our kits are available here, or on the kits tab on the main Jewelry From Home site and don't forget to share anything you make with us.