DIY : Beaded Wire Cocktail Ring


One of our most popular Jewelry From Home tutorials has been these colorful wire rings we made in the spring. After having a look back through our tutorials last week we decided that we needed a new ring for autumn. These bead and wire cocktail rings are just the ticket for a bit of autumn sparkle. They are the perfect project for using up odd beads and creating truly unique pieces of jewelry.  Jewelry_From_Home_Cocktail_Ring_Materials

Materials - 18 gauge wire, 28 gauge wire, ring mandrel, mix of beads from 1cm to 6mm

Jewelry_From_Home_Statement_Ring_stepsStep 1. Cut a length of 18 gauge wire approx. 30cm long. Taking the ring mandrel wrap the wire around three times. You want your ring size to be one size larger than your finished ring.

Step 2. Wrap the ends of the wire around the 'ring'. Do this three or four times with each end and then snip off any extra wires.

Step 3. Take a piece of 28 gauge wire approx. 70 - 80cm long, fix the wire to ring with a few wraps. Add a bead and then wrap the wire around the ring and bead a few times.

Step 4. Keep adding beads, wrapping and fixing as you go. Make sure you mix your bead sizes, shapes and colours to create a really interesting design. Each one will be different so enjoy the process. Once happy with the design wrap the wire the side of the ring a few times and snip off the excess wire.



We had so much fun making these beautiful rings, we played with colored metals (copper, gold and silver) and then used all our favorite beads to add detail and interest. The best bit is these are really quick to make so would make perfect holiday gifts for friends and family.
If this has got you interested in wire jewelry, then make sure you check out our Introduction to Wire Jewelry with the fab Linda Jones.