DIY - Chain Charm Necklace

Chain_Charm_necklace_Jewelry_From_HomeAfter a few chunky tutorials we are tapping into our soft sides today with this delicate chain and charm necklace tutorial. This is much simpler than it looks, it uses all the techniques you'll have learnt on the Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners course and  if you taken the Make a Silver Metal Clay Charm course silver clay techniques too. We love this necklace - its  so perfect for summer weddings. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid or guest  you can adjust the colors to suit whatever colors or theme you're wearing, there are so many beautiful colored crystals out there that you'll be spoilt for choice.


You'll need - Fine silver chain, head -pins, bolt-ring, 5mm jump-rings, 7mm jump-rings, silver charms (it's even better if you make your own), a mix of crystal beads in different colors.


Step 1. Cut two pieces of chain 9inches/ 23cm long

 Step 2. Cut two pieces of chain, one 5cm and one 3.5cm long

 Step 3. Using head pins, fix your beads to the ends of the short pieces of chain.

 Step 4. Fix all pieces of chain to a 5mm jump ring. You want the two pieces of chain with the beads on to be at the bottom of the jump ring.


Step 5. Using head pins, add beads and make loops ready for the beads to be added to main necklace.

Step 6. Taking a 5mm jump ring add the prepared beads and charm to the main necklace.

Step 7. Using 5mm jump rings fix the bolt ring to one end and a 7mm jump ring to the ends of the chain.


Chain_Charm_Necklace_DIY_Jewelry_From_Home Jewelry_From_Home_Chain_Charm_NecklaceThis is such a pretty piece of jewelry we guarantee that once you start wearing you will be asked to to make many more!

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