DIY - Crystal Statement Necklace


It's new tutorial time and today we're sharing this fabulous crystal statement necklace. Inspired by our jewelry inspiration board we have fallen in love with this pretty shimmery necklace. Ideal for the forthcoming wedding season, this necklace will take you from celebration to celebration. We went for a soft color palette of mauve, pink and coral but if your outfit dictates you can easily go for something fun and punchy. The best bit is it is really simple to make and all the techniques are covered in our Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners course.

Crystal_Statement_Necklace_MaterialsMaterials - Head-pins, Lobster clasp, 7mm Jump-rings, 5mm Jump-rings, Connector chain, Tiger-tail, Crimps, Calottes, 1.4cm beads, 1.2cm beads, 1cm beads, 2cm circular crystal bead


Step 1. First decide on your length and design, we went for an princess length necklace (45cm) long. We started by placing the crystals and then worked outwards graduation the size and color of the beads as we went. We used a handy beading tray as the the channels and compartments for holding beads made coming up with a design much easier.

Step 2. Prepare your crystals and 'hanging' beads. Our crystals had a top hole so we added a 7mm jump ring. For our colored beads we added onto a head-pin and made a loop using round nose pliers. It's worth taking a note a this stage of the design, whether you use a camera, phone or just write the design on a piece of paper.

Step 3. Cut a piece of tiger-tail 1 metre long, this may seem excessive but it means your beads are less likely to fall off. Starting with your central bead (in this case a crystal) add your beads in the order of your design. We used 9 crystals, 1 pale pink bead and 3 coral beads as our hanging beads each of these were threaded between a mauve bead for the main part of the necklace. Once done take a look and check you are happy with the design, we decided against using a hanging mauve bead so took it out at this stage.

Step 4. Once happy with the design and then measure your necklace, whilst a beading tray can give a rough idea of the length it's good to check once the necklace is strung. Finish adding the final beads.


Step 5. As we used glass beads our necklace was quite heavy so we added a crimp at the end of beads for extra support, you don't have to do this but we like the security it gives! Add a calotte and then crimp, carefully squeeze the crimp closed and then the calotte, do this on both sides.

Step 6. Fix a lobster clasp to the left hand side of the necklace with a 5mm jump-ring and then a connector chain (7cm long) to the other. We finished our connector chain off with a small glass bead, you don't have too but we like the look it gives.



DIY_Crystal_Statement_NecklaceWe really love this necklace, the glass beads give it such a lovely weight and the crystal beads give the perfect amount of shimmer - it's a perfect summer piece. For all techniques used make sure you take a look at the Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners.