DIY : Crystal Statement Necklace


We're really excited to share this super crystal statement necklace DIY with you all today. Inspired by our latest mood board we went for inky blues with pops of neon pinks and we think it looks fabulous! We love delicate pieces but sometimes a big bold statement is just what you need to give your look a boost and feel refreshed. Whilst it might look daunting at first glance this necklace is quite simple to put together especially if you have taken our Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners Class, let's get started.


Materials - you'll need 13 oval faceted beads ours were 1.5cm long, 11 round faceted 8mm beads, 10 8mm plain round beads, 2 teardrop faceted beads, crimps, calottes, tiger tail, chunky chain, lobster clasp, connector chain, headpins, 5mm jump rings.


Step 1. Layout all your beads in a rough design, it helps to do this first rather than jump straight in as it gives you an idea of what you'll need to prep.

Step 2. Starting with the largest beads, add the bead onto a headpin and create a wrapped loop. With larger heavier beads it's always worth doing this as it makes them extra secure.

Step 3. Taking your smaller beads, add onto the headpin and create a simple loop. Fix these small beads onto the loop of the larger beads. Now you can start  threading! Cut a piece of tiger tail approx 30cm long and then thread your first statement bead followed by a small round bead at either side. Repeat this step, add a statement  bead then small bead, working outwards until all beads have been used up

Step 4.  Decide on the 'finishing' beads. It looks good if you gradually taper your beads off rather than just stop and add the calottes. We had a play around with our necklace and decided on a large oval bead followed by a teardrop shape bead to finish.


Step 5. Add a calotte and crimp to close

Step 6. Cut two lengths of chain. We make our necklaces 45cm long, to determine the length of the chain we measured the length of our beads, took that measurement from 45cm and divided the result by 2, as it happened each length was 15cm which made the maths much easier!

Step 7.  Fix chain to beads with a 5mm jump ring

Step 8. Add a lobster clasp to the left side of the chain with a 5mm jumping and then a piece if connector chain 5cm long, with a bead attached, to the right side.


So there up you have it, a super statement necklace. You can use any colour beads you like for this project, we love these bold colours but you can use soft and pretty or juicy tropical colours for an amazing result!

If this has got you wanting to make more then check out our Introduction to Fashion Jewelry Class, it shows you how to make more statement pieces like these.