DIY - Heart and Charm Earrings


We're feeling the love here at Jewelry from Home and so for our first DIY project we have gone heart crazy and made these gorgeous heart and charm earrings. These earrings incorporate simple techniques from the Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners class such as opening a jump ring and making loops. It can be daunting choosing projects to work on when you first get into jewelry making so we recommend keeping projects straight-forward but adding in fun elements like these fabric hearts, sweet charms and adorable heart shaped beads.


Materials - 2 x 9cm piece of curb chain, 5mm jump-rings, looped head-pins, flat based head-pins, earring posts, buttons, charms, heart shaped beads, red fabric hearts (we pre-made ours from bias binding fused together with bondaweb and cut into a heart shape)


Step 1. Taking a looped head pin, add a small heart bead and then make a loop to close (you may need to cut the length of the wire down). Add a flower charm onto the loop of the eye pin. Add to the end of your chain.

Step 2. Add your fabric heart to the very end of the piece of chain using a jump-ring. If you don't want to make your hearts you can easily.

Step 3. Take a head pin, add a heart bead, make a loop and then add onto your chain. We left one chain link between the fabric heart and the bead heart.

Step 4. This time leave two chain links and then add a flower charm using a jump-ring.


Step 5. Leave another space of two chain links and then add a fabric heart using a jump-ring

Step 6. Using a looped head pin, thread through the shank on the back of the button and make another loop. You will need to keep the loops quite close together to ensure the post of the head pin is covered by the button

Step 7. Add your earring stand to one looped end and then add your chain to the other. We left a one link space between the last fabric heart and the button.

To make the second earring repeat all the above steps.




Now you have mastered a new design have a play around with other beads and color options - the possibilities to create your own unique pieces of jewelry are endless.

If you want to make your own charms why don’t you take our Make Silver Metal Clay Charm class?

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