DIY - Jewel and Wire Wrapped Statement Ring


Even thought its still a bit chilly around Jewelry From Home HQ, the beautiful blue skies have had us dreaming about summer. Whilst it still might be a little early for sandals and summer dresses these bright and  colorful DIY rings are perfect for adding a dash of summer to our fingers. If our Make a Silver ring and Introduction to Wire Jewelry have got you inspired then why not give these really simple rings a try. We used shop bought gold rings and added colorful jewels that can be picked up in most craft stores or recycled from old jewelry to make these beauties.


Materials - gold rings (go at least one size larger than you need, we bought ours on our local highstreet), you can buy  blank ring bases in most craft stores, 0.3mm gold wire, a selection of jewels (we used a mix of jewels from our local haberdashery and from old jewelry that we cut down to size and strong glue or a glue gun.


Step 1. Fix your jewel to the ring base and leave to dry

Step 2. Cut a length of wire approx. 60cm, wrap under the ring base and through the holes in the jewel to fix into position. Ideally you want to have even lengths of wire sticking out the holes.

Step 3. Wrap your wire around either side of your jewel, this can be as long as you want (ours was just under 1cm).

Step 4. Take another piece of wire about 30cm long, wrap into place and then wrap around your jewel making a 'nest' effect. To finish, do a few wraps around the main ring and then carefully tuck the end in the wire so that it doesn't catch.


DIY_easy _Jewel_wire_ring_tutorial


These really only take about 10 minutes to make and so are perfect for all you busy makers out there. There are so many options we couldn't stop playing with size and colors!  This is a perfect project  for all you beginners out there as there is no right or wrong, just have fun with it.

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