DIY - Simple spike and chain statement necklace

Spike_Necklace_MainIts new tutorial time and today we have a really simple statement necklace to share with you all. Statement necklaces have been massively on trend the past few seasons and are really fun to make at home, at first sight they can look like a daunting project for a beginner but they surprisingly easy to make. They key is to use strong colors and a mix of size and texture of beads and don't be afraid to let your imagination run free and create something really amazing.


Materials - 50cm piece of chunky curb-chain, 7mm jump-rings, flat-head pins, large lobster clasp, plastic spike beads (try Ebay), a mix of colorful plastic beads

Spike_Necklace-Steps1-4Step 1. Fold your chain in half and start to plan your design. When using chain we find it easier to start in the centre and work outwards. When planning a necklace like this, we roughly split the chain into three and concentrate the main design in the centre third. Even though the spikes are the main feature of the design we started with the larger beads they will anchor the design.

Step 2. Once happy with the placement, fix the beads to chain using 7mm jump-rings. Our placement was three beads in the centre, leave three links gap then add three more beads.

Step 3. Fix your spikes to the chain, we placed ours either side of the yellow beads. You want the centre to feel quite full.

Step 4. Fix your spikes into the space between the yellow statement beads, we added two spikes per chain.


Step 5. Add more spikes next to the statement bead. You will see that necklace has become less full as you have worked your way along.

Step 6. Mixing different color, shape and size beads is really important for creating a detailed necklace, we added in these smaller circle beads to create another layer or interest. To prepare thread a head-pin through the bead and then create a loop, repeat for all beads. It's worth mentioning at this point that if you can't find beads with a hole at the top that you could use beads with a hole in the centre and then add head-pins to fix onto the necklace.

Step 7. Fix onto the necklace, we fixed our smaller beads onto the same jump-ring as our statement beads so that the circles would lie on top and be seen - you of course can fix them straight onto the chain for a slightly different look.

Step 8. Try your necklace on to get an idea of length, ours was a little long so we took 2cm off either side of the chain, giving us a necklace length of 46cm. Add your large lobster clasp to one end using a 7mm jump-ring. We didn't add another fastening to the other side of the chain as the lobster clasp fastened straight onto the chain, you could always add a jump-ring if your clasp doesn't fix to the chain.




We stuck to a three color spring toned palette for our necklace which gives a clean design, you of course can use as many colors and shades as you like. We think a soft palette of pink, gold and pearls would look really pretty but a palette of midnight blues and golds would look seriously striking too! Make sure you give it a go.

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