DIY - Three Cabochon Jewelry Ideas

In our pursuit of cabochons here at Jewelry From Home we might, just might, have gone a little OTT on ordering different styles -  so for todays DIY  we're sharing three different ways to use them.
DIY_Cabochon_StudsThese cabochon stud earrings have to be the simplest of all earring projects. You will need flat backed earring studs, strong glue and cabochons, we went for a circular design approx 1.5cm in diameter. All you do is add a dab of glue to the earring back and the back of the cabochon, leave to dry for a minute and the fix the two together and then leave to dry - that's it!
DIY_Cabochon_Chain_BraceletFor this really simple cabochon and chain bracelet, you'll need - Curb chain, Cabochons, Cabochon backs, 5mm Jump rings, Bolt ring fastenings and strong glue
Step 1. Glue your cabochons to the cabochon backs.
Step 2. Whilst your cabochons are drying prepare your chain. Cut length of chain your wrist measurement plus 1cm. From this length cut a piece the same length as half your wrist measurement - this means that the cabochon will be in the centre of your bracelet.
Step 3. Now fix your cabochon to the pieces of chain using a jump ring and then fix a bolt ring to the shortest piece of chain.
For this pretty bead and cabochon bracelet you'll need - Cabochons, Cabochon backs, Large seed beads, Crimps, Calottes, Tiger tail, 5mm Jump rings, 7mm Jump rings, Bolt rings and Strong glue.
Step 1. Glue your cabochons to the cabochon backs.
Step 2. Whilst your cabochons are drying prepare your beads. Cut a length of tail slightly larger than your wrist length and then cut that length in half. Add a crimp and calotte to one end of the tiger tail and thread on your beads (we used 27 per side and they were a little on the large side, so aim for about 25 beads). Then add a calotte and crimp to fasten. Repeat the above steps so you have a pair.
Step 3. Fasten your cabochon to the beaded lengths with a 5mm jump ring and then fasten a 7mm jump ring to one end of the bracelet (you can always use connector chain) and a bolt ring to the other.
DIY_Cabochon_Jewelry _Ideas
So what do you think, will you be giving any of these ideas a go? We promise that these are all perfect projects for all you beginners.  The lovely Jessica covers all the techniques in the Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners course so make sure you take a look, its free to download!