DIY - Woven Bead Bracelet


Todays woven bead bracelet tutorial has been inspired by two things; our monthly moodboard and one of your makes, we loved Bekki's pink bracelet so much. This style of bracelet was one of very first we made when we started jewelry making, it's simple and lends itself to so many different color palettes and style of beads. You could go super sparkly with crystal beads, tribal with wood and silver beads or like we have done here gone beach-y with these beautiful glass beads. Here's how to make.


Materials - 0.8mm round glass beads, crimps, calottes (crimp covers), tiger-tail, 5mm jump-rings, lobster clasp and ring

Step 1 - Cut two pieces of tiger-tail approx. 50 - 60cm long - add a crimp and calotte to the very end

Step 2 - Thread a bead onto both strands of tiger-tail then add two beads to one strand and one bead to the other

Step 3 - Take the strand with only one bead and thread the tiger- tail through the second bead on the second strand in the opposite direction, making a loop Woven_Bead_Bracelet_Steps5-8

Step 4 - Repeat the above steps, adding different colours and patterns as you go.

Step 5 - When you have reached your perfect length, remember to make sure to allow for your clasp. Take both strands of your tiger-tail through the last bead, add a calotte, crimp and fasten as close as you can to the last bead.

Step 6 - Using a 5mm jump-ring add your lobster clasp and ring to either end.

Step 7 - Make more! These are so quick and easy to make you can make so many different color combinations.



DIY_Woven_Bead_Bracelet_2We love these summery bracelets and can't wait to make an armful! Stuck on any of the techniques used in this tutorial then make sure you take our Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners class, its free and it really is the best introduction to jewelry making around. And don't forget to share all your makes with us on Twitter and Facebook - we LOVE to see what you have all been making.