Featured Class - Make Silver Metal Clay Charms


Be prepared for a new jewelry making addiction, today we are featuring our Make a Silver Metal Clay Charm course. Our amazingly talented teacher Julia Rai takes you through all the steps for making your very own silver metal clay charms from the comfort of your own home. The award winning Julia takes you through all the steps from rolling the clay and making simple shapes and textures to creating your own molds so you can create your own and unique charms. She shares her tips on finishing and polishing too so you are left knowing all the skills required to make professional looking charms. We promise that the only question you'll be left asking is what to make first! Julia_Rai_Silver_Clay_Charms

Making textures from leather

Silver_metal_Clay_Charms_TutorialMagic ! Silicone mold making


Firing the final piece

You can download Make a Silver Metal Clay Charm here. If you make anything inspired by our course make sure you share with us on Twitter or Facebook.