Featured Class - Make a Silver Ring


We thought its about time that we showed off a little bit and shared another of our Jewelry From Home classes. Today we're focusing on Making a Silver Ring, Rosie our amazing teacher (take a look at here work here) takes you through each step clearly so you will be able to work with silver like a pro in no time at all (and with the added benefit of pausing and rewinding if you need to re-look at a step). Make_a_silver_ring_metal_effectsOf course we realise that buying a whole set of tools could stretch you, Rosie clearly shows and explains what tool does what so you can make an informed decision before you buy - we can't wait to have a play around with punches ( they make the shapes in the silver).

Make_a_silver_ring_punches It's also a great taster if you are thinking about taking further silver work classes (our sister company the London Jewellery School does some great ones). If this class inspires you, which we don't doubt that it will, then have a look in your local area for classes that you might be able to take to develop your skills even further.

Make_a_silver_ring_punches The possibilities that you can make with one piece of silver are vast, every time we look at this class our minds are left spinning with new ideas! Rosie really shows you how easy it is to create beautiful original pieces that you'll love from the comfort of your kitchen table.


You can download Make a Silver Ring here but don't forget to look at all the other classes we offer at Jewelry From Home too.