Inspiration : Simple Bead Storage Solutions


We've recently given our bead stash an overhaul here at Jewelry From Home and completely re-organized how we keep everything. We went on a crazy Ikea spree buying new shelving and have gone to town with plastic storage boxes to keep all our treasured beads in order, we have to say its made our making lives much easier as we no longer spend hours finding beads we thought we'd lost. In homage to this we have been having a good old look around the internet to find other easy bead and craft supply storage ideas.

Above - This perspex shelving is designed for nail polish but looks awesome with beads stored in it instead (you get extra points if you store by color too!). Mason Jars give any craft space a pretty vintage touch, these shelves are easy and inexpensive to make and look gorgeous filled with all your favorite supplies.


For something one-off this old printers chest of drawers makes an ideal home for your beads, customize the draws with dividers and you will never have to hunt for lost packets again! Speaking of losing things, we're forever misplacing our pliers, this easy to make plier stand will mean we never lose our tools again.


We love the flexibility of this wire storage stand, made from an old bed spring (!) we love how the baskets and pots can be moved around depending on the amount of supplies you have. Another draw idea, by adding pre-bought  dividers to an existing draw unit you get lots of bead storage but also the flexibility to remove the trays when you are working on your jewelry designs.

Image sources

Top - Perspex / Mason Jars

Middle - Drawers / Plier Stand

Bottom - Wire rack / Dividers