Jewelry Making Tips from around the Web

If you follow Jewelry From Home on Twitter you might have noticed that we love to share our snippets of jewelry making wisdom we find around the web (alongside lots of other good stuff). For today's post we thought we'd round up some of our favorite jewelry making tips and techniques with you today. Jewelry_From_Home_Tips

Get lint stuck in your metal clay? This tutorial from will show you how to remove.

If you buy your supplies online but get stuck for official names, this chain name guide from Design Thrift will help you.

We love this tutorial from Beading Gem for making your own toggle clasps - perfect if you can't make it to the shops.

This tutorial for making cage beads makes the technique look so much less complicated than we thought.

Want to know the best cord for your beads, then take a look at this really comprehensive beading cord guide.

Depending on where you are in the world wire size can go by different measurements, wherever you are use this handy wire chart to keep your wire projects on the right track.

Image - Jo Crawford via Lotts and Lots