We Love - Inspiring Craft Spaces

We're a nosy bunch here at Jewelry From Home (in a good way of course!) , one of our favourite past-times is to scroll through Pinterest looking at all the amazing craft spaces out there. If you're new to jewelry making then be prepared for your jewelry and bead supply area to grow rapidly as you discover all the beautiful beads and materials out there. If you're a seasoned maker then you don't need us to tell you that your supplies can sometimes take over as you stash shiny things away because 'they'll be useful one day'! Today we have rounded up some of our favourite ways to store all your crafty goodies.


If you have the space, then this renovated dresser from Torie Jayne would be perfect for those who have a large collection of supplies. We love how everything is color coordinated which makes it calming on the eye. For those of you with smaller spaces , try hanging some wire racking on the back of a door to keep everything tucked out the way or try a fold down desk with shelving to keep everything neat and tidy. This movable trolly from Ikea is perfect if you work from the kitchen table, you can wheel you supplies to you then wheel then away once you are finished. We also love this handy cupboard with loads of draws and a handy area for handing ribbon - you of course could hang your tools or wires.

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Image sources - Dresser/Door/Desk/Trolly/Cupboard