We Love - Inspiring Jewelry


We're so excited to have a few extra days off here at Jewelry From Home, an extra long weekend means a few extra days for making new designs! We hope this weekend gives you a few spare hours to really start researching ideas and developing your style, especially if jewelry making is new to you. Of course we always choose to make over buying a piece but we really recommend letting shops be an inspiration. If you came to us as a beginner and are now looking to develop your style have a look online and take note of how pieces are made (when you start to look, it's easier than you think) and work out how to incorporate the design details into your work. We recommend either book-marking, pinning (if you're a Pinterest addict) or pulling images from magazines everything that catches your eye, then when you look back you'll be able to see what has inspired you and what your style is leaning towards. From there you can start to make pieces based on a certain color palette or with a design elements like silver charms or statement beads.

Today we've gathered a selection of dusky pinks, muted metallics, pearls and flowers which have really inspired lately. We love the mix of textures and the delicate balance of fine chain and chunky statement flowers - keep an eye out for our tutorials as you never know what we'll be sharing next! Have a great weekend everyone, we hope you get to try some new ideas. If you're looking for inspiration then make sure you look at our courses each is around an hour long so perfect for a bank holiday.

Images  top row - Necklace/ Earrings/ Cuff

Images bottom row - Hairband/ Necklace / Earrings