Our Summer Favourites

As its now officially summer we thought we ask some of our Jewelry From Home teachers what their favourite things about summer are, over to you Rosie, Linda and Hayley...


Rosie, what do you love most about Summer? 

Cycling around London in a t-shirt and feeling the warm breeze, feeling like the sunshine will last forever...

What's your Favourite Holiday destination? 

Croatia and Bali, but I'd like to go to the Caribbean next.

What's your Favourite piece of summer jewelry? 

I adore my suite of porcelain white enamel and 18ct. gold vermeil Renaissance Rebel pieces which include my signature scroll stud earrings, bangles, pendants, bolero neckties and harlequin rings. They're neat and petite pieces that go with literally everything and they emit a kind of radiance, like a precious stone which sets of even the faintest sun tan! I'm also partial to a massive statement ring but for everyday mixing and matching these are my wardrobe summer staples.

Rosie teaches Make a Silver Ring


Linda,  what do you love most about Summer?

The lovely light, balmy evenings.

What's your Favourite Holiday destination?

My parents friend's house on the island of Evia, in Greece.

What's your Favourite piece of summer jewelry?

This year, it's my Whammered "Wiggle Wire" silver necklace!

Linda teaches Introduction to Wire Jewelry 


 Hayley, what do you love most about Summer?

I love the way that the general mood of the nation changes in Summer and that people are happier and excited to get out doors.

What's your Favourite Holiday destination?

The World is such a big place that I can't pin point one destination, but my summer holiday is combining two of my favourite types of locations, as I'm heading off to Turkey for some beach and sun, as well as heading into the mountains for some climbing. I can't wait

What's your Favourite piece of summer jewelry?

A couple of summers ago I designed a collection called Club Tropicana, inspired by my favourite summer song Club Tropicana by Wham. The collection is bold, vibrant and luxuriously fun just like the song which evokes memories of me as a teenager dreaming of a glamorous life with George Michael....hmmm that so was never going to happen!

Hayley teaches, Introduction to Fashion Jewelry 

Thanks to all our teachers for taking part, now you tell us, What's your favorite thing about summer?