Tea Break - Cookies

Tea_Break_CookiesWe won't lie this post has made all of us a Jewelry From Home crave sweet treats. Whilst we fully embrace all snacks there is something rather special about a classic cookie - whether you prefer soft and chewy or crumbly and crunchy,  we have yet to meet someone who doesn't like. After a good scroll through Pinterest we found some really cute ways of serving them up, ideal if you are hosting a crafternoon. A vintage jug filled with flowers will always look lovely, heart shaped and popped onto the edge of a glass of milk is a sweet spin on the classic 'milk and cookies', you can never go wrong with a bowlful of freshly baked cookies from the oven or what about mini filled cookies for a decedent treat?

We haven't just stopped at serving ideas we have found some recipes too.

For a classic soft cookie, try this recipe from BBC GoodFood 

For a twist we love this Cranberry and Chocolate Cookie recipe from Keep it Sweet Desserts

For something really special try this Buttered Popcorn and Chocolate version from Joy The Baker

If you're trying to be 'good' then why not try a healthier version from Eating Well 

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Images - Rustic/Flowers/Hearts/Bowl/Mini/Stacked