Top Tips - Necklace Sizing


There will come a point in your jewelry making career when friends, family, random people on the street will start to ask for some of your amazing creations, believe us it's an exciting day when it does. One thing that can be a bit tricky is deciding on sizing , if you know the person well you can ask for a preferred necklace length or bracelet size but chances are they haven't even thought about it. For today's post we have complied a few handy links to help with sizing jewelry especially useful for when those orders start flooding in.

For necklace lengths have a look at My Little Gems necklace size guide, it has really detailed descriptions of each length and how best to wear.

For bracelet lengths Jewelry Making Journal has some handy tips on getting it right

This bead size guide from Big Bead Little Bead had a really handy PDF printable which makes ordering beads online a breeze.

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