How to Make Jewelry - A Guide to 

Making Jewellery is a fun and creative hobby and for some a lucrative and rewarding business idea. When you are just starting out the amount of information, choosing which tools and materials to buy, where to source things from and where to start and be a little overwhelming. So we have put together this introductory guide to get you started.

Where to start with Jewelry Making

Which Type of Jewelry to Make

What tools and materials do I need? 

Where can I source tools and materials from? 

How do I set up a home Jewelry business? 

How do I make sure I am safe whilst making jewelry at home ?

Where can I sell my jewelry ?

What is a good starter project for making my own jewelry? 

We thought you would never ask! We actually have a free online course in beaded jewellery making for absolute beginners, with our Founder Jessica Rose. This is a great place to start as you learn to make the basics of making earrings, bracelets and necklaces using simple beads, pliers and some bits of silver plated wire and findings. To get started now, enroll on this course for free to watch the videos and get making. What's more, we even have a kit with everything you need to make all the pieces in the course which you can order from here >