Learn to make jewelry 

Learning to make jewelry is a lot of fun and these days with google there are so many opportunities to find out about and get started making beautiful jewelry at home. You can learn to make jewelry through online videos like these fab tutorials we have on YouTube and you can download or view online jewelry projects and tutorials like the lovely ones we have put together. However if you really want to develop your making skills, our research has shown the taking a professional online jewelry course with expert tutors showing you exactly how to do each part of the process is the best way. 

Make Silver Metal Clay Charms Learn to make jewelry
Learn to make jewelry

Which type of jewelry should I make? And Where to Start

Lots of students ask us where they should start with their making and it's such a great question. The answer will be slightly different for everyone but many people start with some form of beading or wire wrapping. This requires minimal tools and equipment so is a low cost option that you can get started on straight away. 

If you have mastered the basics of beading or would prefer something else then the amazing material that is Silver Metal Clay is another great way to make professional jewellery at home. 

The third option which some people come to later but equally, many people start straight off with is silversmithing and making silver jewellery through traditional techniques. Don't be afraid of starting with silver jewellery if thats what you love. We will show you how to set up your own home jewellery workshop and take you thought all the basics. You can start with a relatively small amount of kit and the best starter course is our Make a Silver Ring taught by award winning designer jeweller Rosie Sanders. Rosie will take you though everything you need to know to make commercial and quality silver jewelry at home. To see more visit the online course page > 

There are literally hundreds of different types of jewelry making and whatever inspires you we say give it a go! There is no right or wrong place to start, give each technique a go, experiment, allow yourself to make mistakes and get creative with it. Jewelry Making is a fun, relaxing, sometimes challenging and deeply rewarding activity so we hope you enjoy the resources and courses we have put together for you and if you have any pieces to share with us, questions to ask or ideas for future courses and articles then please do get in touch contact@jewelleryschoolonline.com