The Silver Jewellery Workshop Tool Kit: 

See below a list of all the tools and materials you need to complete our online course 'The Silver Jewellery Workshop' 


  •  Bench Peg (or jewellers workbench)
  • Jewellers/ Piercing Saw
  • Saw Blades (Grade 3.0) 
  • Ruler
  • Brass Tweezers (or plastic)
  • Hand Torch & Gas 
  • Heatproof fire brick (for firing on) 
  • Borax cone and dish (or other form of flux)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Selection of pliers – half-round, flat nosed, round-nosed
  • Ring sizer
  • Ring mandrel
  • Metal scriber
  • Large half-round file
  • Half-round needle file 
  • Mallet leather hide (for shaping the ring, it doesn’t dent the metal)
  • Hard silver solder 
  •  Silver Sheet: Recommended 1mm thick 3cmx3cm for silver pendant and 1.2mm thick, 0.8-1.2mm wide and 7-9cm long (depending on your ring size) piece for your silver ring.
  • Solder probe 
  • Tin snips
  •  Emery papers and or emery stick (recommended grades 400, 800 and 1200) 
  •  Safety pickle
  • Centre punch
  • Hand Drill 


  • Beeswax (optional for lubrication to the saw blade)
  • Safety Googles (advised)
  • Additional files: large flat file, Needle files (half round, safety back – like a rooftop & round)
  • Reverse action pliers
  • Polishing cream and cloth
  • Silver 6mm jumpring and silver chain to finish

Some recommended suppliers include: 

Cooksons -

Walshes -

Jewel Tool -