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DIY: Silver Wire Stud Earrings (Rose Jewellery) 

Learn to make these stunning silver and gold wire stud earrings and matching ring in this fun and simple tutorial with our Founder and professional jeweller, Jessica Rose. A great make that takes minutes. 

DIY: Make a Trendy Tassel Necklace

Tassels are all the rage. Make these fun and funky tassel necklaces with some small crystal beads, wire and chain. Jessica Rose shows you how in these fun video tutorials. 

Wire and Bead Stacked Rings

 In this tutorial learn to make jewelry with Jessica Rose. Make this beautifully simple bead and wire stacked rings in minutes with some basic materials 

Make A Simple Wire Ring 

In this episode learn to make a stunningly simple wire wrapped ring, or half a dozen of them! Jewellery Making is addictive :-) 

How to Make Crystal Bead Snowflakes

These look fab on the tree around Christmas time or are a perfect party decoration for anytime of year. Follow simple steps to make your own wire jewelry snowflakes with Jessica Rose  

How to Wrap a Briolette

Every jeweller should know how to wrap a briolette. Briolette's are drop-shaped beads that are top drilled for a beautiful design. Learn how to make jewellery with this simple and effective tutorial from Jessica Rose 

DIY Make These Beaded Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are all the rage! Learn to make this bead hoop and wire earrings with Jessica Rose 

Wire Wrapped Bracelets 

Want to learn how to make jewelry? This is a great tutorial to start with. Fun and colourful wire wrapped bracelets that anyone can make at home. 

Make a Druzy Necklace

We love drusy stones! Learn how to make druzy jewellery and wire wrapped pendants with this video jewellery making tutorial with Jessica Rose 

Make Quartz Crystal Necklaces

Quartz Necklaces are perfect for this season and super trendy. Learn how to make beaded quarts necklaces in this fun and simple tutorial 

Welcome to our World of Making 

Tips for Starting a Jewellery Business 

Make a Swirl Wire Ring

How to Use Ripple Beads

DIY Vintage Teacup Jewellery Stand

Interview with Robin Kramer

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